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  • Batik Print
    Deeptex Dress Material 39510Pcs3,950

    Deeptex Dress Material

    Cotton Printed dress deeptex new catalog.

    Deeptex batik plus vol 17 latest ladies fashion design in this catalog. Best colour combination Exclusive matching. New collection of printed designs.

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  • Mayur Ikkat Vol 9 39010Pcs3,900

    Leadies Dress

    New Fancy Dress material

    Ikkat Dress

    Mayur Ikkat Vol 9

    Top 2.4mtr

    Bottom 2mtr

    Dupatta 2.25mtr

    Top 10 woman Trandy Dress

    Jetpur Wholesaler

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  • Ajarkh Material 41504Pcs1,660

    Ajarkh Material

    Ajarkh printes dress

    Ajarkh printed suite

    *🌺Colors Collection Jetpur🌺*

    *🍁Satin Ajrakh Print Suit🍁*

    *» Bottom Dupatta Printed*

    *🧶 Quality :- 100% Satin Cotton*

    👗 *Top :- 2.30mtr*

    👖 *Bottom :- 2.00mtr*

    🧣 *Dupatta :- 2.25mtr*

    *Catalogue : 4 Pic*

    💸 *Rate :- 415*


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    6 in stock

  • Mayur kudi Patiyala 43010Pcs4,300

    Patiyala Special

    Mayur Kudi Patiyala

    Kudi Patiyala Vol 3

    Top 2.15mtr

    Bottom 2.50mtr

    Dupatta 2.25mtr

    Rate Rs 430

    Ready to Dispatch




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  • Deeptex Miss India Vol 72 41526Pcs10,790

    Deeptex Miss India Vol 72

    Deeptex Brand

    Cotton Dress

    Special Summer Cotton Collection

    1. Pure 100% Cotton

    Top 2.40mtr

    Bottom 2mtr

    Dupatta 2.25mtr

    Rs 415 per pcs

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  • New
    Mayur Khushi vol 61 Ladies Dress Material 39535Pcs13,825

    Mayur Khushi vol 61

    Ladies Dress Material

    Cotton Printed Dress

    Latest vol Khushi 61

    Top : 2.50mtr pure cotton

    Bottom : 2mtr pure cotton

    Dupatta : 2.25mtr pure cotton

    35 Design in catalog

    Rs 395 per piece

    Total 13825/-

    Latest Cotton Printed dress

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  • Balaji Rasberry Vol 8 Embroidery Work Dress 46012Pcs5,520

    Colors Collection Jetpur


    Quality:- Heavy Cotton Work

    Top :- Cotton Work 2.40 MTR Approx

    Bottom :- Cotton Print 2.40 MTR Approx

    Dupatta :- Cotton 2.25 MTR Approx

    Design :- 12

    Rate :-₹460/- Nett Rate

    Peking :- Exclusive Pouch With Exclusive Bag pack

    Delivery:- Ready to Dispatch

    Balaji Cotton Dress

    Balaji Rasberry

    Embroidery work dress

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  • JT Anupama Cotton Printed Dress 30010Pcs300

    Colors Collection Jetpur

    JT Anupama

    Quality :- 100% Cotton (95 Gsm)

    Top :- 2.40mtr Approx
    Bottom :- 2.00mtr Approx
    Dupatta :- 2.25mtr Approx(Malmal)

    Design :- 10

    Rate :- ₹300/- Per Pc

    JT Cotton Printed Dress

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  • Ajrakh Print Dress Material 47504Pcs1,900

    Ajrakh Print Dress.

    New Ajrakh Design

    Unique Concept Print. Current Fashion Item

    Top 2.25mtr

    Bottom 2.25mtr

    Dupatta 2.25mtr

    All ajrakh print items available ajrakh pant, ajrakh kaftan, ajrakh top, ajrakh kurti.

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  • JT Dress Material JT Angel Vol 2 67508Pcs5,400

    Colors Collection Jetpur

    JT Dress Material

    JT ANGEL VOL 02 

    Premium Work Suits 

    TOP :- 2.50mtr (PURE JAM PRIMIUM WORK) 

    BOTTOM :- 2.60mtr (RAYON PRINTED) 


    Designs :- 08 in Set 

    Rate :- ₹675/- 
    Total :- ₹5400/- 

    Packing :- Singal Piece Pouch Packing 8  Pieces in 1 Leather Bag 

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  • Dabu Printed Dress Satin Cotton Printed Dress 39005Pcs1,950

    Colors Collection Jetpur

    Whtas App 966 282828 6

    Dabu Printed Dress

    Satin Cotton Printed Dress

    Hand Block Style Screen Printed

    Dress material with cotton dupatta

    Top 👗 : 2.25 MTR Satin Cotton
    Bottom 👖: 2.00 MTR
    Dupatta 🧣 : 2.25 MTR

    Rate : 390/-

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  • Jaipuri Printed Dress Colors Collection 39005Pcs1,950

    Colors Collection Jetpur

    Jaipuri Printed Dress

    Screen Print
    Ikkat Style Print

    Fabric : 💯% Cotton Satin

    Top : 2.25mtr approx
    Bottom : 2.00mtr approx
    Dupatta : 2.25mtr approx

    Design : 5

    Rate : ₹390/-
    Total : ₹1950/-

    Ready For Dispatch

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  • Hot
    Deeptex Pichkari Vol 19 38110Pcs4,000

    Colors Collection Jetpur 


    Quality:-100% Cotton (110 Gram) 

    Top :- 2.40 MTR Approx 
    Bottom :- 2.40 MTR Approx 
    Dupatta :- 2.25 MTR Approx 

    Design :- 10 

    Rate :-₹ 400- Nett Rate 
    (4000) With GST 

    Peking :- Book fold 

    Delivery:- Ready to Dispatch 

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    Ikkat Print Dress 29010Pcs2,900

    Dk Ikkat Print Special 

    New Design Ikkat Print Dress 

    95GSM Quality 

    Top: 2.50mtr Pure Cotton 

    Bottom: 2mtr Pure Cotton 

    Dupatta: 2.25mtr Pure Cotton 

    Price: 290/- 

    Leadies Dress Material 

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  • New
    Balaji Netra Vol 1 Neckline Work Dress 44310Pcs4,650

    Colors Collection Jetpur


    Soft Cotton Print With Exclusive Neckline Embroidery

    TOP : 2 .50 MTRS
    BOT: 2 .50 MTRS
    DUP : 2 .30 MTRS (Cotton Print)

    Designs :- 10 Pcs in Catalogue

    Packing :- Pouch Packing & BAG Packing

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  • Sold Out
    Mayur Khushi Vol 60 33835Pcs12,425


    Mayur Khushi Vol 60

    Price 338 + 5% GST (Rs 355)

    Cotton Printed Dress
    110Gsm Quality
    Top 2.40mtr
    Bottom 2mtr
    Dupatta 2.25mtr

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